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Please place your right hand on the Bible. Do you, Brutus Strongman, solemnly swear that you will not place your left hand on the Bible and rip it in half for the amusement of this court?


I am way too busy to be this horny all the time. This isn’t even fair. I’m reading about poverty and war. I shouldn’t have ass on my mind the whole time. 

there’s a guy who is giving away music for free, but there’s a catch: it’s sad music

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cali--made asked: right on for the follow! definitely following back.

much cali love



dark beauty in its purest form..

dark beauty in its purest form..

basically, guys want a girl who is as pretty as a blue butterfly, yet also as downright sexy as a yellow butterfly

I feel like bounty hunters are one of the most misunderstood cliques in high school. But they’ll do whatever they can to help you, if the price is right.

the overwhelming majority of sunsets are beautiful, but once in a while you’ll see a sunset that only god could love